An Updated Dating Ad: Looking for Love, July 2019

I need someone… have SO MUCH LOVE to give, and still, I am alone… I am a 44-year-old Vegan, Nudist and Very Romantic Writer and Philosopher and a PROUD Nerd from Rehovoth, Central Israel; I'm Environmentalist, Intellectual and nonsmoker.

I enjoy reading, travelling, sitting in Cafés, hiking through Nature, meeting Cats, Snails and Ravens and chatting with them, listening to Classical Music, Czech and Hebrew Folk-songs etc., anything related to SciFi & Fantasy, History, Astronomy and Cosmology, learning Languages, History and Geography, meeting my Friends, sitting by Nature, cooking/baking, eating, going to the gym, and day-dreaming…

I am looking for someone like me. You must be Vegan, either my age or younger (age actually doesn't matter, as long as you're younger than me), of course nonsmoker, preferably the intellectual type… and YOU MUST BE DIFFERENT!!!! Do not be like ANYBODY else!! And Nerds/Geeks RULE. ❤

An added bonus if you're also a Klingon at Heart and seek to carry out the Revolution and burn/eat all the rich people, while drinking their blood. 😉

Foolish stuff, such as location, ethnicity and faith do not matter to me at all, as long as you're NOT ideologically anti-nudist! I am much more attracted to pale/fair skin complexion, to freckles and to eye-glasses, but height, weight and body-type do not matter to me at all.



26903752_179411379474162_3286871660292439439_n (1)אני בגינה בנא-כרמלי, בקר שבת, ה-31 במארס 2018_NEW

So, if you're there and reading these words, please drop me a line… my details are:

Mobile number (BEST) +972-528-401-930


So, Where are you???


אני המצאתי, את המבנה מבטל-המגדר;

אני העורך הישראלי הראשי, של מדריך כמו-מקומי.

אני עורך לשוני מושלם,

אין מתחרים לתרגומַי.


אני מתרגם לעברית, את "נווה-מלח";

אומץ-לבי הנחני, בעשרות פעילויות.

תמיד נאמן לעצמי – ולא לשום כוח,

אינני מכיר כלל, במלה "צייתנות".


תמיד, תהליכים פוליטיים,

אזהה הרבה לפני בני-שיחי.

את העולם האידיאלי

אני לבדי חזיתי.


יצרתי את "ארקלידה",

המצאתי הבנייה החדשה.

בעתיד, לכל עיר,

ינתן המראה, שנולד בחזיונותיי.


אני דַּנִּיאֵל קֶלֶטִּי, חילזון ונמר כאחד. 😉

וצדקת-דרכי, תאיר דרכנו לעד.

Vyprávěj – Srpen

When the murderous monsters invaded the BeLoved and Sacred Land.

It's so shocking. I truly had no idea just HOW horrible this was.

I know the places shown there. I lived there, for brief whiles. I LOVE them very, very much. And – to actually see, those red MONSTERS, crushing them, like that…

I feel I understand the Czech people better, now. ❤

Wish the u.s.s.r. would never have been born to begin with!!

How come any Czech is able to support the red monsters nowadays, after what they had done? How come that horrible political party still exists, at all?