A Sweet Token of the Future…

The morning was just as bright as a Lovesome spring-morning can be on that beautiful Sunday, the 24th of April, which was the 234th Israeli Independence Day, year 2182 AD. The eleven year old Jinjin, a cute, blond, fair-skinned and pretty-heavily freckled green-eyed girl, lied under her thirteen year old Brother, Aniram, her adorable little face shiny with pure happiness and adoration for her big Brother, who was also her only Lover.

Needless to say, none of the beautiful adolescents wore any clothes; why should they? Clothes were a thing of the dark, remotely remembered past, a thing of the middle-ages, of the evil centuries, when primitive, inexplicable fears had rendered human-beings into submission to illogical, pre-historical religious laws. They were long gone by now… alongside, of course, with many other brutal, illogical and unjustifyable mideval evils. And, most naturally – both kids didn't even bother to remember any of them. Why should they? They were having such a marvellous time together…

The angelic girl laughed, all-heartedly, when her Brother had, slowly and ever-so-Lovingly, plunged her Cunt with his Cock, taking all apropriate care, as his Father had taught him, never to hurt his tiny little Sister, who was quite a bit skinnier, than most young girls her age. It wasn't their first time, though: Jinjin's 11th birthday, had seen THAT most special of events takes place, with the children's loving, though just a tiny-bit overly protective Mother, sitting next to them and guiding them both through the notions. By now, it has been a little more than four months since then, and the two little angels couldn't be seen to be getting enough of each other: they had filled with Sex each and every free second, and their room has been a Temple for their Love. Their admiring Parents had given them their needed space, knowing that, should there be any problem, ever, the two shall most-certainly come to them for guidance; as there have never been any secrets between them, ever, and there shall never be.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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