Things I cannot stand 1: the English use of the word "sophisticated"

English literature (which I love, in spite of my strong, eternal heart-felt and utter DESPISE to the english people who created it, due to Political and Ideological reasons) has a lot of examples of that disgusting notion: their use of the adjective "sophisticated" (and its opposite, too):

"Rosie is so sophisticated, she is dressed to the nine, just according to the very latest cry from Paris!"

or, just as bad: "Helen wasn't as sophisticated as the city-girls: she did not know how to lie with a plain face, so generally preferred to simply tell the truth".

What do these two examples (not taken from any Book in particular; just generic examples) show?

Example one shows, how – in the Writer's (forcibly and violently forced upon the readers…) opinion, wisdom does essentially leads to mindless copying of what some person has decided to define as "the correct form of dress", also known as "fashion" (a word closely keen to "fascism", be it by an actual words' family-relation or by an acutely correct "coincidence"). Meaning: "Wisdom is the knowledge how to mindlessly follow the guru=führer's steps and actions at everything, while completely erasing any semblance of individuality; heil the borg!!"

In my own (and much more correct and naturally Just) opinion, of course, the Truth is PRECISELY the opposite: sophistication is choosing your own looks, while telling all the inferior, cripto-fascistic mob to stuff their dicks up their own asses if they have a problem with that.

Just as bad (and morally revolting!) is example number two, which is closely a keen to the equally revolting, vicious lie "everybody cheats [at exams etc.]" = made, of course, by cheaters, in order to justify themselves and pacifying whatever has remained of their long-inactive conscience. It assumes, that given the mental capability, all people shall become sick and pathological liars and the only single barrier to that, is the fact many of them aren't clever enough to lie successfully; the alternative, that many people are just too decent, and with much too strong a moral, to become such repulsive creatures, completely escapes those Writers' comprehension.

These two sad examples, of course, show us all a glimpse into the ultra-sick and highly-distorted mind of the english people, who are nothing, but a bunch of fascists brutes, with centuries upon centuries of mad, shockingly-violent and terroristic expansion everywhere they could, start with the Peaceful Kingdoms of Wales and Ireland (whom they raped and plundered already by the late middle ages) and all the way till their current destruction of poor and helpless nations throughout the Muslim World.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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