"Oh no!! We've actually made something GOOD!! What to do… oh I know! Let's CANCEL it!! He-He!!"

I was shocked to read, that the best series I personally have watch for a LONG time = first TRULY GOOD English-speaking stuff I've seen made during this entire decade, in fact – was cancelled by its broadcasting network after only one too-short-a-season (10 episodes punkt).


"Good Girls Revolt" is, without any possible doubt (well, some would doubt that, but then again I, for one, would be even more doubting their cognitive abilities and the poor level of their IQ, so Best to just ignore them), THE BEST TV-Series made at the English Language since the end of "Andromeda" and "Charmed", at least = an entire DECADE prior to GGR's debut.

It's just excellent; pure and simple. The characterization, the plot, the acting, the directing, the styling, everything about it, is just THE BEST, period. But, evidently, this exactly IS the problem with it, at least as far as "Amazon"'s chiefs (and Roy Price in particular) are concerned: so, they have cancelled it. According to this article, the man Price hadn't even bothered himself to watch the thing, prior to axing it like an ISIS-brute (and most probably, not after having done that gruesome deed, either). So what if nearly ALL viewers (including critics) just LOVED it. A new wind is blowing, from the fields of the least-developed states at that union of yours right into the white house, and someone must have thought it A Very Good Idea Indeed to bow his useless head in front of it, while sacrificing one of the most valuable diamonds in Television's entire History.

I mean, having gibbered (according to the above mentioned article) that it “wasn’t performing at the level we had hoped for", I had seriously wondered, what DID. So, I went to check some other stuff, which "Amazon" released during the past few years and see, what REAL treasures did that man Price deem right to have a second and even a third(!!) season.

So, I had stumbled upon something… I believe it was called "Mozart in a Jungle" (or was it "A Villa in the Jungle", or perchance "Mozart in the Jungle Villa", or some such like?), having thought it would be some TRULY Valuable Stuff. Rest assured, it wasn't: first ten minutes of it (or was it seven? Felt like fifteen), were quite enough for me to realize, that it was, in fact, garbage of the worst degree. And, by the way now, Pricey: doesn't your new mad clown hero hate Mexicans, even MORE than he dislikes strong, opinionated women?

Watch out now… #JustSaying (or, perhaps should I rather say: #Jus'Sayyn'?)

Something yet even more interesting (and far more astonishing) could be learned from the fact, that (according to the above mentioned article) the number of women actually sitting at the "Amazon" board-meeting, which had done that horrendous deed, is quite equal, in fact, to the number of non-masculine members among the Saudi ruling elite, the Vatican's highest decision-making level, or… "News of the Week"'s reporters back on 1969: ZERO. NONE. NOTHING NULLA. NICHTS. EPHES. NIL. NINCSENEK (and I can go on writing this number in a few additional Languages, if you'd so like). Just while we were thinking "Gees those apemen of the late-1960's, we aren't like them at all" – comes reality and shocking us all by proving, that in fact, we, the western society, have not changed so radically, after all.

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