One evening we were sitting down,

sitting down by the fire-light;

And that evening when we sat down,

turned 'Iddith to my Sister and then asked:

Please do tell us how did You remeet,

how did You manage to remeet;

And how, when You did remeet,

longing, oh, so much longing to run away –

Desiring, more than All, to run away –

Please do tell me how You ran away –

Please do tell me, ho, You Dear Nogah!!

My Sister said:

There was a trip, a school-trip,

to visit the town pardes-`hanna;

And durin' this trip – this school-trip –

my Brother I then happened to meet!


I smiled at him an' then I winked,

fear of waving him by my hand;

But he saw an' then winked me back

– and off ran he then – into the Trees!

I then had as well to there ran,

running simply for dear Life!

Knowing that, if I would fail then

– my Death I shall choose, over Life!

And when we met there by the Trees,

Hand in Hand we ran then to the Truck!

And the Dear Gods have then Loved us

– It was right available for us!!

'Iddith said:

And once You sat there, You

have been Free, isn't it so, ho

You Dear Nogah??

My Sister said:

Yes, we were, though

they were chasing us –

We'd just started it, and

off we rolled!

Smash an' killin' all that's in 'ur path

– as the Time was Ripe for retribute!!

'Iddith paled.


Dear Nogah said:

We were hitting other cars with fun

– driving over peddies in the Sun!!

And my strong Bro had then turned the wheel, and

we smashed a kinder-garden child!!

'Iddith fainted.

Danny said:

Ho, Dear Nogah – look what You have done

– my Love is far too gentle for these words!

Look, she's all shocked now by Your words

– how would she be able to go on?

Dear Nogah said:

Yes she might – but Truth must be said:

We are kid-murderors, both 'Oded and I!!

We have jof'lly drank countless babies' blood

– gathering all our powers and 'ur strength!!

It is easy to condemn this, naming us

murderors and all!! But believe me, we

are right, cause

Only us truly matter in this World!!

All the others are just bullshit,

none of them's even existing here for real!

They are mere 'lusions, just 'lusions, so

why the heck not taking pleasure to withhold?

Human-flesh is adding to the Health

– especially with pregnancy and all!

You should try it, and 'Iddith too

– wake her up, time to start living out

The Truth!!

Danny said:

Ho, please don't! 'Iddith could never stomache

all Your thoughts!

I have hard time embracin' them myself

– I've nearly fainted, and

I am a Boy!!

Dear Nogah said, with a slight-smile:

Yes, a Boy – a member of weaker sex,

ask my Brother, and he will aprove!

That You are merely satisfaction-toys

– made for pleasuring us, and that's all!!

I was NOT about to contradict my Goddess…?

And my Divine Sister said:

Worry not – just wake her up, now

– an' I shall surely see then to the rest!!

And so he did…

Danny woke up 'Iddith – who looked, stunned, at my BeLoved Sister – who then came at her, slowly and ever-so-Gently carressed her soft, dark-Brown hair and said:

Forget all You had believed,

Give Faith in me – I'm Yours indeed!!

Forsake jus' all of Your past-faith

– I am here, and I am Your Friend!!

Do not give in, to any fear!!

I shall forEVER, hold You near!!

My only Faith's in our Eternal Bond,

which shall never, be broken or destroyed!!

I am Yours, no matter what!!

'Iddith said:

But is it true – have You killed

a child, who was only strolling

in the street?

How can I trust a person with such deeds

in their past – Nog', Your hands are blood!

Dear Nogah said:

Right, we have killed – and took pleasure, too

in the very act, of putting terror,

in the hearts of those same people, who

raped us both in to fit to their sick world!!

'Iddith said:

But is it not preserving the violence,

preserving this sick un'verse,

Dear Nogah?!

My Sister shrugged and said:

Right, it does – but there's no way in which

an' of us could ever make that diminish!

The Path of Earth is kill – or be killed

– and I'd rather be the Victoring!!

'Iddith said:

I understand – but still, cannot accept

– still am unable to accept!

I Love You so, but

blood is on Your hands,

there's a child-blood all over Your hands,

Your hands are filled with blood

my Dear Nogah!

Dear Nogah said:

May my hands be filled with

Your en'mies' blood, may they fill with

their blood, my dear Love-Star!!

And then Nogah leaned at our Friend, and

kissed her, fully, on the lips!!

And she sent her hands, and with them

had engulfed BOTH of 'Iddith's Tits!!

'Iddith leaned back, her eyes are tightly shut,

Tightly shut had been her

big, brown eyes!!

I took her hand, and

she was sweating, dear,

So much sweating in her Heat an' Love!!

Seeing our two Goddesses are kissing

and Frenching, oh so passionately,

Danny swiftly caught my other hand,

and with it carressed

his rock-hard dick!!

More than this, of course,

he needed not – I lay over him at once!!

My Mouth wide open, I had kissed

his crotch, and

his Masculinity

I sucked!!

Boy's Penis, oh, so Gorgeous is

Thy taste, one step only, from

being called DIVINE!!

Nogah winked – and, with my Heart

I sensed: she shall turn 'Iddith

to our side!!

A rubber-stick, a long rubber-stick

had somehow appeared in Nogah's hand!!

And with ONE shot, she had stuck it

ALL THE WAY inside 'ur Lover's Cunt!!

'Iddith then screamed:

Yes!! Dear, YESS!!!!

– And She and My Sister then Unite!!

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