On May 2013, I had visited your Country for the first time, coming (by bus) from Vienna to Prague.

Already at Florenc Metro station, I was cheated by the ticket seller (who, for having payed in Euro, charged me twice the price) and later, had the misfortune of staying at the WORST hostel I have EVER been to: the nasty and antipathetic "equity point".

Because of that terrible hostel, that entire visit had been a disaster – and I had, unfortunately, formed an extremely negative opinion about Czech people and the Czech Republic, telling everyone I knew to stay away from it.

Now, after having spent ten MARVELOUS days at your Country, I can see how EXTREMELY wrong I was. The Czech people is, in fact, the LOVELIEST I have EVER met – and the Czech Republic is WONDERFUL.

So, I hope you will accept my apology and forgive my stupidity…

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