An Open Letter to All "Star Trek" Production Team

Well, I have just watched the opening episodes of "discovery", claiming to be of "Star Trek" breed.
"Star Trek" is NOT, nor has it EVER been, about battles and violence. From THAT particular garbage, we have waaaaay MORE than enough, in practically ALL other TV-series nowadays, NO ONE needs any more of that.
"Star Trek" has ALWAYS been about PEACEFUL EXPLORATION – and exploring the human condition.
ONLY those with absolutely NOTHING intelligent to say regarding human condition must thus revert into blood, fire and retarded "special effects", in order to attempt to hide their worthlessness.
The creators of EVERY new "Star Trek" Series must thus first watch "Star Trek: TOS", "Star Trek: TNG" and "Star Trek: Voyager", in order to learn what "Star Trek" IS all about – and ONLY THEN write their own Series.
I am positive, that I, for one, could have done INFINITELY BETTER, than those idiots behind that "discovery" thingy.
Well, we have waited sixteen years (ever since "Star Trek: Voyager" has ended; I, of course, do NOT regard ANYTHING done later as Canonical… but rather, as miserable failures) for a new "Star Trek" Series – we shall wait more.
When you are ready and willing, to make a REAL "Star Trek" Series (preferably: one that is the continuation of "TNG" and "Voyager" – say, featuring Lt. Nayomi Wildman? or Captain Harry Kim? With Worf and Geordi appearing as Guest-Characters?), please let us know. Till then? Please, refrain from doing any more damage? Okay?
A VERY disappointed fan.

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