Regarding the "New-Yorker"'s GARBAGE-calling-itself-"a-Story", "Cat Person"


Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, defining THAT meaningless gibbering of kristen roupenian "a short story" and is even willing to PAY(!!) for it should – no: MUST be put against the wall and executed – but not before going through a long and thoroughly humiliating public spanking. With a metal ruler.

In brief, it is, perhaps THE WORST pointless throwing-together of words (I shall not even define that as a "text"!) I have EVER encountered throughout my entire Life!

Had it been up to me, the only proper question to be asked about it, would ONLY have been: which mentally terminally ill creature thought that… thing to be fit for publication and how, exactly, are we to torture him, or her, towards the (public) ISIS-style execution?

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