Facebook, Google and the likes of them must either be fully democratized – or closed down

The current situation can no longer be tolerated.

While we SUPPOSEDLY live in a hard-earned Democracy and have our hard-earned Civic Liberties – most important of which is our Freedom of Speech!! – most of us find themselves spending unreasonable amounts of time under autocratic, monarchic and authoritarian "virtual" regimes, who are tightly controlled by an incredibly tiny number of persons, who possess godlike powers in their realms, and practically never allow any Free Speech. Instead, there are LONNNNNNG lists of things, which no "user" is EVER allowed to say – or else, they will be "deleted". Just like under joseph stalin, adolf hitler, enver hodxha, kim il-sung, and sadam hussain. Today, they still "just" delete anyone, whose words they happen not to like, from the "virtual" sphere (horrible enough, considering how much time we all spend there!). If nothing would be done, and SOON, to stop them, most likely, the day will soon come, when they shall be using their technologies ("google"'s self-driving cars?) in order to delete people, human-beings, also from the real world – without any real protest against them!!

This fascist, totalitarian limitation upon the most basic Human Right of all = the Right of Freedom of Expression – cannot be tolerated in a system, which governs the space – be it actual or virtual! – where hundreds of millions, even BILLIONS of human beings spend hours each and every day. At this given state of affairs, those companies MUST be viewed as what they, in fact, are: the biggest threat to Democracy and Human Freedom, ever since the USSR collapsed – if not ever since the end of world war 2.

We MUST put an end to this threat. We cannot allow ourselves to tolerate it, to let it to keep on growing and gathering ever more power – Not if we care the least about Democracy, Human Rights, Civil Liberties and so on.

Thus, the time has come, to introduce "google", "facebook" and the likes of them with a clear choice: fully democratize (and stop deleting people!) – or close down.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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