The ONLY Solution to the Murders of Jaguars by Humans

There is only ONE real solution to all this: a FINAL solution. Do AWAY, once and for all, with all that "democracy" and "human rights" BULLSHIT and instill a healthy Rule of Terror instead:
Wherever there might have been a case of a wild animal being murdered by humans, arrest and torture ALL humans, who MIGHT know ANYTHING, until you'll catch the ones responsible and then, publicly torture them to a slow death of sharp pain.
Wherever such horrible "commodity" might be offered for sell, throw ALL local human residents to jail and torture them, until you'll put your hands on the customers and then, publicly torture them and ALL their family-members to a slow death of sharp pain.
That's the ONLY way. And, should any stinking socialist, "human-rights" activist or other such poison, try to defend the murderous monsters, just shoot the bastards on the spot.
END to "democratic", carnist anarchy and END to those shocking, horrible murders. Animal-Rights, must come first!! And "human rights" must go away.

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