How did I STOP being a socialist

For nearly my entire Life (well, at least ever since I learned what Socialism and capitalism at all ARE) I had been a devouted Socialist, and for most of that time = a proud Marxist-Leninist, too. Save a relatively short while, between the years of mid-2001 and early-2004 I should believe = when I had checked libertarianism (till I've reached the formidable conclusion it was sick bullshit at best), or was undecided on the matter – I had always held the socialist (and, between 1998 and 2001, and again from 2007 till 2017: even the communist/trotskyist) principles to be true and had fought for them ultra-passionately.

But NOT anymore. Ever since 2014, I had the nudging feeling, that the more fanatic, non-democratic version of communism, is essentially wrong. That nothing good, could ever possibly spring out of such fanatic totalitarianism and besides: that if, after more than 160 years (and, by now: already 170!) since the first call for communism, STILL it has not been genuinely tried successfully, possibly it is, simply, because it can NEVER be = and this, in fact, has been my official stance regarding communism, from last Summer (2017) onwards.

Nonetheless, I would have become merely socialist, if not for the fact, that the world's Social-Democratic movement, has decayed into something rotten and revolting in the extreme. In more and more places, social-democratic movements and parties, have sought to reconcile with racist, fascist, most obviously neo-nazi groups and tendencies, be it the "socialist" french president hollande, adopting le-pen stance regarding both refugees and the Roma minority, "socialist" slovakian president, declaring he was only willing to accept "good christians" to his country = a clearly antisemitic declaration! – or the israeli "socialists" and "social-democrats" = who have ALWAYS been, in fact, national-socialists to boot, be it their atrocities towards Palestinians, their appartheid (there have NEVER been any Arab members admitted, into any of the so-called "marxist" kibbutzim!!), their sick, sparto-prussian level of extreme militarism, their standing side by side, with local judeo-nazi groups = who demand to either lock away helpless refugees, deport them back, to their nearly certain death in their eastern African homelands, or burn them where they are – or many other examples. In fact, merely a few months ago, a local neo-nazi demonstration in southern Tel-Aviv – demanding to either burn refugees or send them back to die in Eritrea, Darfur and South Sudan – was styled, throughout the media, as being a "social activists' protest".

On another occasion some time earlier, all labour-unionists have vocally given their support, to "workers" whose sole profession was to torture cows and murder them, as sadistically as they possibly could…

And, of course: just try to raise your voice, against ANY of those people, and you shall be brutally silenced, at once, by ALL the grand social protest activists, labour-unions activists, workers-rights activists and what not, with a violence no less horrifying, than that of their openly-fascists counterparts (who are, now, their new best friends), using PRECISELY the same methods – unveiling, of course, the terrifying fact, that had it been within their power, they would have sent each and every such criticizer straight to a Siberian gulag.

And, of course: GODS FORBID, even do as much as WHISPERING, that the poor people, may not do very wisely, in bringing to the world sometimes up to 12 children each, while they can barely supply for one!!

On a very memorable occasion, I was even shout at, wildly, for saying the word "I"!! "There is no 'I'!! There's ONLY 'We'!! ANYONE who uses the word 'I', can NOT be entitled, to style himself 'a social activist'!!" shouted the self-proclaimed führer of the Rehovoth' 2011-social-protest movement, ofira gamliel (whom I have since named "The Queen of India" = and it is NOT an adoring term…), at me.

So, if "socialist" has now become some form, of a revolting combination, of racist neo-nazis' advocates, animal-abuse justifiers, open admirers of joseph stalin (yes!!), and borg-queens-wannabes, I am, COMPLETELY, OUT of it.

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