A Warning of a REALLY Bad Movie: "Allure", by Some Retarded "carlos and jason sanchez" Persons (a couple of minor canadian photographers-going-"directors", unless someone conscious enough would finally take the proper trouble to block that saddening attempt)

Let's start with the bottom line: this film is, probably, the very worst flop you are likely to see anytime soon. Packed with an IMMENSE amount of Great potential for an EXCELLENT Anarchistic, Erotic Drama, it somehow infuriatingly succeeds, in destroying it systematically, in SUCH a carpet bombing, that makes it an absolute 100% certainty, that NO real potential ANYWHERE would be left standing. It is TRULY remarkable, how terribly successful are those two sanchez idiots, in COMPLETELY destroying their debut-film, by rendering each and every single (potential-filled) segment a complete, utter and total mess-of-a-filmatic-disaster. That, really, takes a great talent to achieve, except that I cannot believe they actually meant to achieve that.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? The main heroine, Laura (played by a certain Evan Rachel Wood, who seems like a Great actress, who was tragically wasted in that trash-hole-of-a-film) accepts a guy in her home and tries a Lovely Sex-game with him; only the retard screams "Jesus, save me!! Deliver me from the un-christian claws, of this sinful devil of a woman, this man-eating Lillith!!" (well, not precisely with these words, but this was obviously the general meaning of it) and runs away at once, probably to the nearest church to say "Ave Maria" to the local priest or something and eat the Sunday-Mass' holy crackers instead.

Then, the said Laura comes to work as a cleaning lady, at a sadist-witch-of-a-woman's house, and gets to know the poor, helpless daughter of that monster, who is an ADORABLE teenage Pianist (Julia Sarah Stone = another Great actress, scandalously being wasted there), being repeatedly crushed under her monstrous "mother"'s despicable and oppressive tyranny.

Then, out of the blue, sitting with her employer (who turns out to be her father, as well), Laura unsuccessfully tries to apologies about… well, something, which her dad yells at her about. What this something is, remains a complete mystery throughout this entire pointless conversation, as bad as afterwards (or, at least, for as long as I had managed to force myself to watch this cinematic horror).

And so the movie drags on and on, jumping from one segment to the next without any clear (or indeed, any) visible connection between them whatsoever. At some point, Mrs. badwitch apparently desires to move in with her newest beau, yelling at her helpless, crying and heart-broken daughter "thou shalt not destroy my chance for happiness!!!!!!" with a pathos paralleling that of the young linton of the awful victorian flop "wuthering heights". I, for one, confess to having written some stuff of that horribly, unreadably melodramatic kind, only I had been 16 at the time and hadn't known any better; once I did know any better (which was right after I had turned 17 and grew much wiser), I, of course, threw all that garbage-of-a-scribblings a hell away, never to be revisited, by me or anybody else. But some people, it would seem, remain 16-year-olds forever. Like those two complete and utter buttheads, carlos and jason sanchez.

I could have gone on and on, detailing how bad this Oh-So-Wasted a film had been – versus how Great it MIGHT have been, had it fallen into the hands of the RIGHT director – but, I do believe, this should be enough.

Don't EVER watch this HORRIBLE film, "Allure", nor ANYTHING else the sanchez IDIOTS would EVER choose to direct. This is all I wanted to say. This – and that I do TRULY and SINCERELY hope, that their first attempt, at script-writing and directing, had ALSO been their last.

ALLURE (2018)


Evan Rachel Wood as Laura Drake

Julia Sarah Stone as Eva

Denis O'Hare as William

Maxim Roy as Nancy

Joe Cobden as Benjamin


Carlos Sanchez

Jason Sanchez

Drama, Romance, Thriller, Garbage, Flop

104 minutes

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