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And then, stronger, we began to tell of our Childhood.
We had, as my Sister put it, just a usual, Israeli middle-class Family, with both Parents working – Dad either in an office, at one of Re`hovoth's two Universities (The Hebrew University's Faculty of Agriculture and the Weizmann Institute for Sciences, both of which together occupied the entire Northern part, of our Adorable HomeTown and both of which are integral parts, of our earliest Memories), or later – from the Summer at which we were 6 – back on the Sea, at the same kind of job he had before he and Mom had met – and Mom at Home. When we were 2, we were sent to a small, Homely pre-nursery play group, which was located just a few hundred meters from Weizmann Institute, at Gordon street and during the following years, we had joyfully spent all our weekdays-mornings at Lovely Kindergardens; these had been, perhaps, the happiest days of our Lives. But most of Everything, of course, we Loved Saturday = SHABBATH.
"Yardha ha-Shabbath / 'Al Biq'ath Ginnosar"… so goes that Lovely old Song, about a Saturday near the Kinnereth Lake ("the Sea of Gallillee", as the West-Peoples call it). And just as Lovely, had been our Saturdays at Re`hovoth – the Town of Culture, Science – and Citrus-Plants.
We were not religious. But, we weren't anti-religious, either – not then anyway. Dad had come from a semi-religious, Kurdish-Iraqish-Syrian Family, and Mom grew up at a Jewish Socialist Polish Home, typical of the mid-20th Century's Israel, where tradition, eventhough most certainly not sacrosanct at any way, was nevertheless respected, including fasting at Yom ha-Kippurim and avoiding any kind of bread at Passover-week, and although we had never avoided traveling on Shabbath, or listening to the Radio or watching TV, nonetheless, it had not been just "a day free from Kindergarden/school".
After merely putting it, through Hebrew and Italian – and then back to English…
Then, louder, we started talking about our childhood.
We, as you said that, sister, just a middle class family, as usual, with two working parents – father or office, one of two universities in the Streets (Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University and the Weizmann Institute of Science, their two together occupied the entire northern part of our finest, and both are an integral part of our early memories), or later – summer when we were 6 – back on the beach, at the same time kind of work he had before he and mum met – and his mother at home. When we were two years old they were sent to a small group games, the house is only a few hundred meters from the Weizmann Institute, Gordon Street and in the following years, happily spent all our days of the week – breakfast in kindergartens; These were perhaps the happiest days of our life. But above all, of course, we liked Saturday = Saturday.
"Yardha ha-Shabbath / 'Al Beq'ath Ginnosar" … so goes the old song, Saturday at Lake Kinneret, as Westerners call it). And just like Lovely, our Sabbaths were in the streets – the city of culture, science and citrus fruits.
We were not religious. But we were not even anti-religious – not then. Dad came from a religious and Kurdish-Iranian-Syrian religious family and mother grew up in a Polish Jewish socialist, typical of the state of Israel, in the middle of the 20th century, where tradition, however, was not consecrated in any way, he was still respected, including fasting day Atonement and avoids any kind of bread during the Easter week, and although he never avoided a Saturday trip, or listen to the radio or watch television, however, he was not alone "free day of kindergarten / school".
Then – put through Philippino, Malayalam and Hawaiian…
After that, we started to talk about our youth.
As we say, sisters, class in the middle of the family, as well as the use of parents and universities, two universities of universities, Shakas workforce phakkalrriyilum Institute of science, most of the first half of the party's first half of the first, two times the room of our first Chamber of Interior), and – in the summer We have the opportunity to be a two-year-old, sent We have a small game of the games. From the Weizmann Institute on the street there are hundreds of meters from houses and Gordon. In the past years, we've been making every effort. Kindergartens; That may be the happiest days of our life. But in all, you'd like to have a Saturday at Five.
"Yardha Ke Sha-Shabbath / 'Al Beq'ath Ginnosar" … Then the old man, the Western kinnaratt, who was called the Pacific, went to the sea). Snehatteppeale, our Sunday, and on the street – culture, science, and citrus fruit.
We are not private. But we must not fight against religion. Kurdish-Iranian-Syrian religion and religion worship. A Polish JewIf seas seaside seaside in about half a century. Tradition, Easter on the day of my fast, on the day of fasting to fulfill nearruvitilum, live on Saturday morning, but not only "kindergarten / school kind".
Then – through Uzbek, Chinese, Japanese, and Czech…
Then we started talking about young people.
As I have already said, junior high school students from the family, nurses, parents and colleges, two colleges, work of the Carli Centrum Research Institute sugar, in the first half of the party, two of the two rooms) and the interior of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Summer University Two years old. The game is a small game. It is a few hundred meters from Weizmann College Street and Gordon. In the last few years, we have made every effort. Kindergarten, this is the happiest day in our life. But generally you would like to be on Saturday night.
"Code Keshan Sabbath /" Basic Beq'ath Ginnosar "I. Snehatteppeale was called Kinnaratt Sea Southwest of the Pacific Ocean in our market and street culture, science and citrus.
We are not weird. But we can not stand against religion. Kurdish – Iran – Syrian religious and religious worship. The Polish coast is about half a century old. One day a Easter dog's day lived yaqinruvitilni fasting on Saturday morning, but only during nursery / school holidays, during the day.
Then, I put it through Turkish, Hebrew again, Hungarian, Korean, Scottish, German, and Arabic:
Then we started talking about young people.
As mentioned above, families, nurses, parents, high school students, universities, the Cal Centrum Institute, the first half semester, two two rooms) and two weeks in college. The game is a small game. It is located a few hundred meters from Weizmann and Gordon College. Over the years, we have done our best. Kindergarten, the happiest day in life. But usually you want to be a Saturday night.
"Code Keshan Sabbath /" Basic Beq'ath Ginosar "It is our name for the Pacific Market Street, Culture, Science and Doctor in the West.
We are not funny. But we can not eat. Kurdish – Iran – Religion and religion in Syria Prayer Poland is about 16 months old. One day, a person ate an Easter dog on Easter morning, but there was a day at the kindergarten.
And finally through Lao, Javanese, Maori, Hindi, Finnish, Georgian, and Hebrew again…
Then start talking to the student.
Family, teens, parents, adult students, university, Cal center, two local students) and two weeks in the settlement. The game is a small game. Vesaman and a few meters from Gordon College. Over the years we worked well. Kindergarten, happy day in life, but you want to go back there.
"It's our name on the Pacific Island, the culture, the Western doctor environment.
We have no fun. But you can not eat it. Iran – Iran – Studied seminar and ritual in Syria for 16 months. One day they ate Easter Eve, but at school.