What is "Beauty"?

Each and every One is Sexually attracted to a different kind of looks… (we dub it "Beauty", but, when it comes to people, it is all about Sexual attraction really, nothing really besides that.) I am most attracted to fair-skin Girls, since I am fair-skin myself and usually, our most natural tendency, is to be Sexually attracted to the people, who resemble ourselves the most. Of course, there is No such thing as "a universal", or "objective" Beauty – at best, it can teach us about the PERSONAL Sexual preferences, of whoever has the most influence at hollywood etc. 🙂 And One must NEVER conform to ANY view, but ALWAYS AND FOREVER be True ONLY to Oneself's INDIVIDUAL Sense of Beauty – and ALL society (be it the "traditional" sense of "what is Beauty", or far WORSE: the fascistic "politically correct" socialists = YUCK!!!!!!!!) should and MUST shut the fuck up. 🙂
As the Individual MUST rule Supreme, ALWAYS, and PARTICULARLY on this matter.

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