A Brief Update

After two whole weeks, during which I could hardly stay Home, due to EXTREME reconstruction works at the neighbours' (especially at the common wall, next to which I work and sleep…), it SEEMS like it is FINALLY over.

Today I went to Tel-Aviv, went to the Sea <3, had a Pizza… a nice day.

Still no answer from forty(!!), out of the forty-one places (schools and uni's), to which I sent my details a week ago. This week, the search will continue.

Also from ok-shmupid: nothing yet. One blind-date (from which practically NOTHING came out), a few emails, and Skype-messages, here and there… more and more I am (AGAIN!!) getting the idea, that ALL Girls worth talking to (including the majority of my current Closest Friends), are already TOTALLY into someone else – and those who aren't are just dumb. If there actually IS someone, who is BOTH Cool AND Non-taken, I most CERTAINLY have never even met her, neither in real life nor online. 😦

And so, the horrible loneliness continues… 😦

Recently I've watched a GREAT new TV-series – but, about this, I will write a separate post.

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