A Brief Update

Still no response from any of the remaining 56 places throughout the Czech Republic, to which I wrote in the Hope of being invited to teach Hebrew. A few days ago I wrote to several places in a few other countries, one replied negatively, the others have not (as yet?) replied at all.

Ill and very weak (the usual health problem). Hope tomorrow I will be okay again… if I'm not very responsive at the moment, it is because I really haven't got the energy to communicate…

Except writing to various places in Europe, have not really done much recently… mostly lying down in bed and watching episodes of "Andromeda", as well as the old "Are You Being Served?" and "Yes, Prime-Minister", with the occasional porn-flick here and there… even deteriorated, into staring at "hallmark" stuff. Last week, when I had had lots more energy (before the bleeding began), I had tried the "duolingo" website, to keep on learn Czech, as well as Italian, but that website is, unfortunately, no good: over and over and over again, it kept teaching me the same 50 words, also when I most obviously knew them by heart – and never moved on… it was like studying THE SAME TWO PAGES in a study-Book over and over and over again, without ever moving forward. Worthless. Kind of like my life, ever since coming back to israhell…

And, besides, THEN I have learned of the new italian fascist, neo-nazi government and have TRULY been shocked – see, I don't scan the news devoutedly, daily and hourly and bloody OBSESSIVELY, as I had unfortunately used to, during most of my "life". So, only recently have I learned, of what the bloody north-&central-italians have chosen… so, pretty unlikely I'll be interested in studying any italian any time soon, anyway!!

And the weather, of course, is horrible: hot (31, or 32 degrees Celsius), very humid and, worse of all, suffocating. The air just doesn't move, which forces me to have the airconditioner on almost 24/7 (have no energy, nor money, to go galivating around this bloody, awful town of rehovoth, most certainly not at this heat!!). Can't wait to have Rain!! And FREEZING Wind!!!! Ah, Winter… My Love is for the Cloudy Grey.

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