Another "holiday", Absolutely alone…

As always.

Bought two History Books… having a large Vegan quiche, for a lonesome "holiday" dinner… trying to rebuild my world, my life, after the (seemingly) shatter of all my previous plans and Hopes. The Czech year (8.9.2017-8.9.2018) is over – and I truly have no real plan for my future, as THIS had been my very last attempt, my very last resort. The break-away from facebook, this saturday-morning, happened at a VERY bad timing indeed!!

The last try, the last attempt – and it failed! If only I had more time…

No one in israhell could have cared less about me, of course; it is no news for me, that ALL israelis (with a strong emphasis upon my monstrous "family") hate me. Always have; they know fully well, have ALWAYS known, I am not, never have been, and THANK GOODNESS never will be, one of them!

I think I will publish more about my experiences last Spring, my very last one, soon.

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