Well, That Seems to Put an Official End to ALL My (False) Hopes…

There might still be something. After all, from about 60 places, mostly within czechia*), to whom I wrote regarding teaching Hebrew Language Courses, I have not still heard… but…

Well, I find myself SERIOUSLY doubting that I ever will.

I have just rad several news articles, from the city in which I've been wishing so hard to live… here are the links:




And, just a tiny bit of info, regarding the european union's lovely little pet-dollies, the libyan coastal guards… merkel's, babis's, macaron's and conte's best friends forever, it seems:

Libyan coastguard prevents NGO boat from rescuing migrants



And, according to ALL the reports I've rad so far, ALL 28 european union's fuhrers, stand as one, in praising THAT… thing and encouraging it, to be even tougher… and here we read, at the above articles, that babis (and co.) are now proposing, to give 10 billion euros(!!!!) not to health, not to education, not to raise wages or (who dreams???) protecting the Environment, but… to make sure, that ALL outside borders, of their sacred europeische reich, shall be locked, forever and ever, in front of all asylum seekers = many of whom (from Syria and Iraq) are Kurds, MY BLOOD!!!! – in order to stop them = US!!!! – from EVER crossing their borders and polluting their sacred europe, in non-blond, non-whitish genes!!

And, even to assign that monstrous job to nato = the nazi treaty organization!! NOW it is becoming clear, why had the bloody western imperialists kept that thing, after the cold war came to an end, and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE threats the west anymore… so, they define us, all "not-arian-enough" peoples, as a threatening pollution, to be stopped at all cost (10,000,000,000 fucking euros!!!!!) from EVER polluting the blond continent with our genes…

"Accepting them, would be the road to hell", he said… "foreigners are a problem", he said… a problem, which all those 28 active nazis, shall seek to solve, most likely in the manner, which is the most final of solutions… and, to put the most final of ALL lids upon ALL my hopes, one of the above articles, as you could read, states that ALL political parties in czechia*) = meaning, even the pirates, whom I had trusted to be a universalistic, ENLIGHTENED Opposition!! – are backing that nazi in his wild, sick incite, and calling for the drowning of ALL non-whitish people, escaping war and tyranny and starvation, down at the bottom of the Sea…

So, I am afraid, this rules COMPLETELY out, any Hopes I did have, for EVER migrating to europe… as, so it seems, the TRULY welcoming people (such as my own few, Dear Personal Friends), are merely a tiny minority – while THE ENTIRE EUROPEAN POLITICAL SPECTRUM, ranges only, from black shirts – to the brown ones.

*) – Yes, "czechia", fuck it!! That country, does no longer deserve my respect, troubling to call it "the czech republic"… FUCK IT!! I respect no nation whatsoFUCKINGLYever, they're ALL are just nazi anyway!!!!

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