A Brief Update, Thursday the 13th of September 2018

Today = a quarter of a century to the oslo illusion, which was based upon the completely baseless assumption, that jews can ever actually want Peace, instead of war.

Out of ~70~ places I wrote to, in czechia and elsewhere, just a few wrote back, all negative responses. However, I have so far written to ALL possible places, so – I'll see… for the moment, I estimate the likelihood of my moving to czechia as 1 to 17,000 against. 😦 And so, I have TOTALLY ceased learning Czech. After all, if I could only EVER be allowed to come there as a tourist – and NEVER anything more – Why on Earth should I take the trouble to know Czech? Let them study English, instead…

These are ALL the news I currently have, as a report from the ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS, called my existence (not Life. I will not call THAT nightmare "Life").

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