From The Land of Nothingness

Ill and weak (the usual problem). When I'll feel better, I'll finally publish the next chapters of the accounts of my days in the Czech Republic.

My accounts at facebook, twitter and tinder are all gone and buried. Out of them all, only facebook had truly got me anything worthwhile; twitter and tinder are, both, nothing but EXTREME waste of time. All that twitter could have done, for me, was to convince me, totally, that all sorts of political opposition in israhell is dead, and thus any attempt at activism here is utterly pointless and is actually nothing, but an extremely idiotic and misled waste of good energies, better invested at anything else. And, as for tinder… well, suffice to say, that all girls and women I saw there, looked 1 – intolerably ugly, and (more importantly) 2 – severely mentally sick. I ran away from there in shivers.

What else? Well, a few more places from the Republic got back to me, all saying they are sorry and wish they could have offered me a job teaching Hebrew, but sadly, they cannot… I believe them, it is risky, after all, to invest resources in something like teaching a small Languages, of cultural importance, yes, but – that is all… I mean, for me, it is important, because with spreading enough, the Hebrew Language (as is Czech and, in essence, every other small Language) is doomed to disappear. One hundred years from now, ALL humanity shall speak one single Language, which will most likely be a mix of an american English and Mandarin Chinese, with some influence of each of the other wide-spread Languages: Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Bahasa, Bengali, French, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Japanese… possibly a few phrases from Turkish, Dutch, Italian etc., and… well, that's all more or less. All small Languages shall disappear, will be gone forever. I Hoped to make the knowledge of Hebrew wide-spread, thus giving it some chance, of influencing the future single tongue… but, apparently, it is not to be.

Internet problems continue; only on Thursday (what with all those bloody holidays etc.) the technician will come.

Last night watched an episode from "Vyprávěj". I LOVE that Series!! Although I can only guess as for the plot (since I barely understand a word each few sentences, at most…), I just LOVE it. As I am with ALL things Czech… also when I had first discovered "ŠlágrTV", back on my first visit to Mladá Boleslav on September 2017, I did not understand anything (except "ano", "ne", "dobrý den", "děkuji", "prosím" and "přiští stanice"), but still, there was there something, which I just instantly loved and felt very much connected to.

I miss the Czech Republic so…

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