Do not go gentle into that good-night!!

ALL kinds of "politically correctness" are EXTREMELY totalitarian, in a direct conflict, with the FREEDOM OF SPEECH (hence: mark zuckerberg, for example, is anti-american and should be judged and punished as such) and all in all, are re-enacting of stalinistic society, in a more technological way = an actual manifestation of "1984" (just as are all those "security" [or possibly "securitate", or "STAtSIcherheit"…] cameras in our streets and soon: everywhere else). But, without a doubt, THE WORST phenomenon = which (surprise!) does bring back to memory both the 20th-century's communist dictatorships AND "1984"… – is, of course, the "anti sexual harassment" fascist legislation.

NOW: of course, women should be treated with the same respect as men, enjoy the same benefits, receive a similar salary for a similar job, have similar chances… of course!! We are at 2018, it is unthinkable, that – when considering roles such as "who would run the company and who will stay home with the kids" – we would bring up such unrelated, Fred Flintstones' era arguments, as "which enjoyment-organs does one have, between their thighs and beneath their abdomen".

And I agree, that I would most certainly NOT want to see a return to the 1960's mentality, of "ha, the boss tried to force you? Is He rich AND single? Great! Catch Him, drag Him into marriage and sit at home raising His children! Why else have you gone to work at all, if not in order to get yourself a Rich Husband?!" Such a cave-era mentality, has absolutely no place in our millennium.

Nonetheless!! I shall NOT accept the current trend, of FORBIDDING(!!) Beautiful Romantic advances between coworkers, on that base!! Such SICK, FASCIST legislation, had been enacted under monstrous, increasingly-psychotic regimes, as the insane communist tyranny in Albania (1945-1992) – and are a manifestation of "1984"'s horrifying "young anti-sexual league".

LOVE AND SEX ARE BEAUTIFUL AND GOOD!!!! And we must shun, with ALL our force and might, ANY thought (be it christian, jewish, muslim, socialist, buddhist or any other such abomination) ever implying otherwise.

And, most clearly, we all must fight, fight and rage against the dying of Human Liberties' Light and that horrible, femino-socialist darkness, seriously threatening to turn our entire planet, into a high-tech, 21st century version, of a bolshevic gulag.

Do not go gentle into that good-night!! Rage, rage against the dying of the light!!

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