Vegan Places in Prague

The BEST Vegan place in Prague is Café Moment, Slezká ulice 62, Vinohrady district (Metro green line A – or tram number 11, or 13 – till Jiřího z Poděbrad station, then walk south and a little bit west across the small Park).

THEY RULE!!!! ❤ ❤ Their Food is just THE BEST and so is their service. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Next Best are:

* "Puro" (or, as I call them, "Purrrrrrrrrrrrrro" ❤ ), Vinohradská 44, Vinohrady district (tram number 11, or 13, two tram-stops east of the Museum).

YUMMY food!! And also lots of stuff to buy, too (at far better prices, than the shop under "Loving Hut").

* "Blue Vegan Pig Shop", Voroněžská 564/19, Vinohrady district (starting to see a pattern here? 😉 ).

THE BEST Donuts I have EVER ate!!!! A TOTAL Must-Try.

Then, of course, "Loving Hut" – I Love their branch at Budějovická (across the road from the Metro red line C station by that name), which is the nicest, but also the main one (between Naměsti Republiky and Florenc central bus station) is Great.

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