My Response to "americans are dumber than the rest of the world"

Americans ARE naturally retarded. Their entire world comprises just of:

trashiest TV… "comedies" (with lower-than-imaginable level of "humour");

unbelievably stupid… "talk shows" (of obese mid-age blondies fighting one another etc.);

stupid, insensible ball-games;

dead Animal-corpses at the cheapest machine-oil for "food" (they call it "big mac"; their only national food, in fact);

gun-waving (and even giving their guns to their 5-year-old kids!!!! to slaughter all other kids around them with it…);

bombing any country on Earth, whose people happen to be muslim;

spreading SICK notions of anti-sexuality, just like in "1984";

systematically and INTENTIONALLY destroying the environment, mainly by their SICK insistent upon private cars (instead of developing a fine public transportation system);

having THE DUMBEST ACCENT EVER (STOP turning each "R" into a freaking "W"!!!!! It's "r", NOT "w"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!);

and, OF COURSE: bible-mumbling/screaming and… ~singing~ "jesus!!!!!! jesus!!!!!!!!!!!! baby jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (no american has even HEARD of Atheism.)

So, of course they all went and elected a… "president", who is just like them… apart from those, who voted for that clinton-monster (which is even worse).

And I, for one, can't wait for the HAPPIEST-DAY-OF-ALL, when the u.s.a. shall CRASH DOWN and disintegrate (similarly to the u.s.s.r. on its time) and we'll FINALLY have a wiser, more decent World-leadership, with no people pronouncing "w", instead of "r".

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