My Response for YET ANOTHER Faked "ecological person" de-la-shmate


You took the care to have there place for TWO PRIVATE CARS!!!!! – but you DARE call yourself ecological, just because that "recycled / smicycled" NONSENSE?!??

First, live where there is a fine public transportation, ONLY THEN you MAY just be allowed to call yourself "Ecological"!!!!

I so HATE faked people… like all those ALEC-"greens", who drive bloody cars, build from parts of Trees (that were killed and chopped off for that), but hey!! We RECYCLE!!

DON'T recycle ANYTHING. But live where there is a fine public transport, don't use private cars and don't build your house, from parts of Trees. You shall be INFINITELY more Ecological then!!

(Written in response to THAT crap)

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