Vegan Propaganda Podcast's EPISODE 1 // Hipster Milk, Lab Meat, & Vegan KFC

And my comments:

1 – Your vid looks Great, you look Great and don't worry so much about it. 🙂

2 – There's definitely VEGAN Whipped Cream, so "Universal" have no "excuse" there..

3 – I would rather die, than eat meat… and I am proud of it. But, when the need arises, I do take medication; and, in my opinion, the entire "anti-vaxin" movement is sick, pseudo-scientific, idiotic and mainly consists of "flat earth" believers, "Aliens!!!!!!!!"/"Nibiru-is-coming!!!!!!!"-worshipers and all other kinds of SEVERELY mentally-ill people. Vaxins should and MUST be mandatory for EVERYONE, period.

4 – "Lab-meat", essentially, isn't Vegan. If it comes from an Animal, no one can eat it and still define themselves as Vegan, it doesn't go together.

I do believe, however, than in the not-so-distant future, 3D-printing would become SO advanced, that everybody would be able to print themselves a stake, by constructing it atom-by-atom, by simply tell the machine "Stake, Medium rare", just like "Earl Grey, Hot", or "Coffee, Black".

Then, THAT meat WILL be Vegan.


5 – SURE Sugar is Vegan!! :-)) It's from a plant!!

6 – Sure we'll see a Vegan World. All it takes, is for us to become the majority, in enough influential countries. Then, we shall reform the legislation, to equalize a murder, imprisonment, or abuse, of ANY Animal (cow, chicken, horse, dog, fish…), to that of a human (meaning, to judge anyone who kills a fish, or abuses a cow, just as if they had done that to a human) = and this is it!! No more corpses-eating in the World…

7 – Long is GOOD. 🙂 Was VERY interesting.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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