An Update, Monday, the 5th of November, 2018 – and a SPECIAL Note for ALL my Czech Friends!!

Well, this certainly IS the time for an update!!

Can't even remember, WHEN did I update last!! See, a week ago I have upgraded my Blog (had to, especially in order to be able to upload more pics – the Bačalky Episode, of my Czech Chronicles, is currently being written, after that, I will be coming to write about Prague – and from the 27th of May on, there will start to be the pics from my NEW smart-phone (which I bought from voda phone that day) and, what with its camera being EXCELLENT, there are bound to be many pics requiring A LOT of hosting-space… furthermore: on all my present-posts, I upload huge pics from there, of course, too – so, anyway, right after the upgrade, I have been experiencing several technical problems. The good people from WordPress HAVE assured me, however, that it is merely a coincidence – well, anyhow, point being, I could not have published an update during this week.


My YouTube Channel awaits your subscriptions (as I am NOT about to cancel it again – it IS there to stay). By the way, ALSO subscribing to this Blog WILL be nice. ❤

Today have begun a 10 (I think) meetings' course about Korea – History, Culture, politics, everything. Might also learn the Language, I don't know yet.

Yesterday, I have EVEN written to several places in Poland, suggesting a Hebrew-Course – I know, they are INSANELY religious and there's a rising hightide of antisemitism there, but what else AM I to do?? At least, regarding Poland, I CAN claim to have a Right of Return!! See, I AM willing to hand a Right of Return to the Palestinians into israhell – BUT ONLY IN EXCHANGE FOR A SIMILAR RIGHT OF RETURN FOR ME TO POLAND!!!!

So, wrote some places there, perhaps…

Now, to all my Czech Friends:

Pals, I Love you all SO MUCH!! AND your Country, too. But, both a week ago AND today, I checked "", rad some HORRIBLE stuff that "prime minister" of yours, that ultra-rotten babiš… creature, has said recently, PREDOMINANTLY about Immigrants AND Refugees = and felt LITERALLY sick!!

I AM TORN!! On one hand, I miss the Czech Republic more than words could ever possibly say… but, on the other hand… how can I even VISIT such a country?!? How can I even VISIT a country, which prime-minister, is OPENLY an antisemitic pro-nazi – AND YET, ABSOLUTELY NO CZECH CITIZEN, DARES RAISING UP AND SAY: "ALL REFUGEES AND IMMIGRANTS, WHO ARE WILLING TO INTEGRATE INTO THE CZECH SOCIETY AND CULTURE, ARE WELCOME"?!??

Even here in israhell, there still ARE a few people, who do say it, INCLUDING at the kneseth (the israeli parliament).

I KNOW, for a FACT, that there ARE many decent, ACCEPTING and ENLIGHTENED people in the Czech Republic!! WHY ARE YOU ALL DEAD-SILENT?!??

And that HORRIBLE military-parade… keeping sending Czech soldiers, to go on assisting and taking a horrible part, in the nato RAPE of helpless Afghanistan – even israhell only uses its murderous war-machine to occupy lands at its immediate borders, NOT half-a-continent away!!

NOBODY threatens the Czech Republic!! All its neighbours are ALSO its allies (and No, Putin has NO plans to reconquer Prague. THAT chapter in History is over and gone, for good). What on Earth does it need all that horrible show of military might for??? Why not investing in Love, instead??

But – The WORST are, of course, his HORRIBLE words about – well, us!! Myself included. I am most-DEFINITELY NOT a christian (brrrrrrrrrrr) and, JUST LIKE MOST MID-EASTERN REFUGEES NOWADAYS, half my Ancestors, are on Kurdish descent – from Iraqi Kurdistan, mind you!!

My Dream, ever since the 9th of September 2017 (when I first came to Mladá Boleslav), has been to become Czech. Praha, Mladá Boleslav and Bačalky are THE ONLY Places in the Entire World, I do truly feel at Home at. I crave to adopt the Czech Culture –

And, as a response, have YOUR PRIME-MINISTER, speaking of me, as if I were a cockroach, trying to sneak into your sacred realm!!

W H Y ? ? ? ?

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