A Possible Cosmology… I guess?

Picture a vase.

On the vase there is a drawing.

This drawing is made from colour ink.

Each ink droplet consists of an astronomical number of atoms.

Each of these atoms consists of: a tiny nucleus, a sphere of possible, or probable, locations for electrons – and nothing in between. Let's focus on the nucleus.

The nucleus consists of several protons and neutrons. Let's focus on a single proton.

The proton consists of quarks. Let's focus on a single quark = something so tiny, no microscope has ever been able to show us, and thus no human, has ever even seen.

Perhaps that quark, consists of yet tinier particles. Let's assume it does. And let's assume that only some form of an internal attraction, gravity, or whatever, ties these parts together.

Let's dive into that quark, picturing, in our mind's eye, what it might contain.

Let's imagine it contains, mostly, nothing – with just tiniest fraction of actual matter here and there.

Let's focus upon one such tiny specs of matter.

Let's picture it as a spec of light.

Let's draw near. That spec of light gets bigger for us. We detect brighter and darker patches inside it. Let's draw a little bit closer. Or a lot closer. Each brighter patch, turns out to be made of an innumerable number of tiny dots of light. We draw nearer still.

Each dot of light gets bigger. Let's focus upon just a single one of them and get much, much closer still.

Up close, its form resembles some sort of a spiral. A closer inspection of this spiral, reveals brighter and darker patches within it. We draw nearer still.

Up close, the said spiral seems to consist of innumerable separate dots of light. We zoom on a random dot and draw much, much closer still.

That dot turns out to be a ball of fire, surrounded by quite a few objects orbiting it. We zoom upon one of the smaller ones, which seems to be pretty solid.

It is a more-or-less round ball of rock, partly covered with a bluish liquid. We zoom upon a piece of a drier place, not far from a small-to-medium bluish liquid patch.

On that piece of a drier place, we detect a patch of quite a few tiniest structures. We zoom onto them. Each such structure, turns out to be a building of some sort, with tiny windows in it.

We're looking into one. We see a table. And on that table there is a vase, with a drawing on it…

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