A Mad Nonsensical Fashion Called "Zero-Waste"

(Written as a response to this video)

Come On!! 😀

While I, too, use used plastic-bags, for example, instead of repeatedly getting myself new ones, all that "zero waste" movement is by sick, severely mentally-ill dirt-and-stink-craving madmen, who need urgent professional psychiatric help, instead of us sane people yielding to their insane rules.

And NO, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Veganism. On the contrary – any association of those madmen with us, is only bound to catastrophically damage Veganism.

Now: you tried to go "zero waste" (so much that you would even have liked to avoid some labels?!??) for the Environment, while DRIVING A FREAKING PRIVATE CAR?!??

Gee girl, instead of that "zero-waste" bullshit, just walk / use Public Transportation!! Shall help the Environment INFINITELY more, than avoiding throwing something out!! Do not have any reasonable Public Transportation in your area yet? Put all your efforts, energies and Environmental care, into petitioning and publicly FORCING your local authorities to arrange for one, instead of avoiding throwing any piece of plastic…

In the long run, this shall serve the Environment INFINITELY BETTER.

And, by the way: your bag was certainly does have some germs. I mean, it's BOUND to, even if you've just had it cleaned. They're everywhere in the air. So, throwing your Bread straight into it, with no plastic wrapping to protect it, is NOT a very clever thing to do…

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