The Hungarian Language: Magyar nyelv

I LOVE Hungarian. It is THE most Beautiful Language I know of… which is not surprising: the God of Languages HAD to make it The most Beautiful Language, in order to compensate it for its EXTREMELY shitty native-speakers (which are the nastiest bunch of bloody racists & greedy bastards in the known Universe).

I had been studying it mostly on and off throughout the 1990's (Mainly from the Book "Learn Hungarian. By Roszlán Bánhidi, Roszlán Jokái, Denes Szabo`", which was first published back on 1965 = the height of the Sovjet-era – and thus, had lots of "élvtársok" = meaning, party-members… – in it 😉 ), before I was made aware of its native-speakers' horrible nature. In fact, it IS difficult, but not as hard (for me) as are, for example, Slavic Languages (whose grammar I've found to be insanely complicated), or the tonalic Languages of Eastern Asia. Two things can be said for Hungarian grammar:

A – It uses compact forms – meaning, you need far less words (or syllables) to express an idea, than you would need in English


B – It is highly Logical and well organized.

Nonetheless, its complexity DOES make it one of the Languages it takes the longest time to learn.


When, at latter times, I had studied a bit Telugu and Malayalam (BOTH of which are Dravidian Languages from Southern India, related to Tamil), I was STUNNED by innumerable similarities, between them and Hungarian – WAY too many for this being a mere coincidence!! In a matter of fact, Grammatically-wise, I found Malayalam to be THE Language, which resembles Hungarian the mostWAY more than Finnish and Estonian (although the latters do SOUND the same as Hungarian).

So, Personally, I do hold it to be ONE INDIVISIBLE Language-family: Finno-Dravido-Ugric. I do not really know, what its Story is – but I AM absolutely sure of its existence.

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