On The Importance of Originality

Walking among the shelves of any Book-store, the one and only sensation I experience is that of an extreme exasperation and despair.

Since practically NEARLY ALL "NEW" BOOKS ARE ONE AND THE SAME. There's hardly any originality anymore: almost ALL Books published nowadays, have PRECISELY the same shallow, spiritless instant-"plot", just like a "Hallmark" movie: there would be the single woman, working at some corporation-worshiping pointless day-job, her best-friend-forever, with the good heart and the bad advice, her gay man friend-like-brother, with the hollow insights about the straight men she dates and, of course, the said straight men = ALL as shallow, hollow and devoid of ANY actual point of interest, as that nobody from "Gone with the Wind", nu, shu-ismeho… Ashley? (Gees that "man" was SO pale, one can't even remember his name)

Of course, to add some "historical insights", there would ALSO be the woman's GrandMother – or GreatGrandMother – whom she visits from time to time at the elderly home, and who turns out to have some heart-breaking story from world war 2, the holocaust, und so weiter = a story, which shall bring the necessary romantic-flop-of-an-"insight" to the mind of her single-and-looking, welt-schmerz-depressed descendant, causing her to realize that the-right-guy-was-there-all-the-time-right-in-front-of-her-eyes-bla-bla-bla.

Another kind of Books, which is spread ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE, is the holocaust/ww2 genre, which drivels DIRECTLY about the horrors of humanity's darkest hour WITHOUT a shallow, cliché-filled early-21st-century romance as its framework/excuse.

And, of course, there are ALWAYS the "mystery" books (ALWAYS about murders. Those bloody modern detectives, are ALL about violence, murder, blood and suchlike; I wonder, does ANYONE still remember the fact, that hardly ANY of Sherlock Holmes' marvelous detective Stories EVER involved a dead body??? Just a fraction of them did. But, today: without DISGUSTING and REVOLTING blood-lust, with sheer-violence-for-its-own-sake, it simply wouldn't do, it seems…), and the SciFi Books, of which only the Old ones, it seems, are any good at all.

And hardly ANY of all those Books, is truly original. Just a handful – and that handful is, almost always, carefully hidden, behind walls of sheer trashy, utterly pointless garbage.

Of course, the fault is NOT in us Writers. We write LOTS of highly Original stuff.

It lies, completely, in the vilest realm of all: THE PUBLISHERS.

Those greedy, fat and tiny-eyed vogons, do not care the slightest bit about LITERATURE – and Culture is just as alien to them, as it is to miri gerev, miloš zeman, or donald trump. They care about THE ONE AND ONLY THING, their tiny, minuscule "minds" are able to understand: MONEY!!!! And as they came to believe, that ONLY the most unimaginative formulaic trash would be sold properly (which does not surprise me: most of the human population, if they can read at all, their minds can comprehend ONLY the lowest level of scribbles, such as various wo/men magazines, gossip and the likes. As humans ARE naturally born RETARDS). Anything OTHER than money lies FAR beyond the vogons' comprehension.

And so, we are doomed, so it seems, to be forever surrounded by mere garbage-of-"""Books""", while all the Truly GREAT Literature out there, shall FOREVER stay unpublished and unknown… well, again, save for VERY few exceptions, here and there, which are SO far apart, that they cannot POSSIBLY supply enough food for the human-mind – which then degrades (could it possibly be, this is, in fact, the publishers' intention? That, at the service of wall-street and its "new world order", they actually do it IN ORDER to dumb humanity down, to better, and most successfully, enslave us all, having turned us into mindless robots? It does sound too conspiratory, I admit, but…).

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