About Supplements

I went 100% Vegan back on May 26th, 2015. I did not do it for my Health, but rather, purely for the Animals and whatever is 100% Plant-based I do go on eating, even if it's not "Healthy"! However, after over three years of Veganism, my July-2018 blood-test was The Best EVER. 🙂 Simply thanks to my being Vegan; a small dividend for being a good, Moral Person. 🙂

For many years, also since before the Veganism, I've been daily taking Iron (due to a health problem I have) and B12 Supplements, in the form of pills. I had a small, semi-deficiency of B12 about a year ago, increased my B12 supplement intake slightly and it quickly jumped back up and turned out just fine. The only thing slightly (not much) lacking for me, at last summer's tests, was Vitamin D (and, I must note here: Fact is, that ENOUGH SUNLIGHT FOR A VITAMIN D = ENOUGH SUNLIGHT FOR A SKIN-CANCER. So, why risk either cancer, or a deficient, when one can simply take a supplement???). So, after some search, I've managed to find a Vegan D3 supplement (in the form of drops), and have been taking it twice a week since – and that's it. 🙂

By the way, regarding Calcium:

A – Tahini makes for a FAAAAAAAAAAAAR Better source for it, than any non-vegan one;

B – One must ALWAYS pay the appropriate attention, to separately take this and Iron (meaning, do NOT take your Iron right after eating any Calcium-rich food!! But rather, wait an hour or, better yet, two), since these two minerals, tend to "rival" for the same receptors and thus harm each other's absorption in the body.


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