A Short Update, 22.11.2018

Writing – It now seems pretty certain there will not be any newer parts to my 2016's Story "Family Love", about three Romantic teenage couples at my Hometown back on 1980-81. Hope I'll find some publishing house willing to publish it, in spite the fact it is pretty short. Also nothing new at any other Story from the past few years, Hope for new stuff.

Job Searches – Abroad: sent my details to about 120 different places at 20 different countries, all around the World – for the time being, nothing. Here at israhell = nothing as bad, as always.

Health – Severe weakness again yesterday (the usual problem), now much better already… Hope for the Best!

Studies – I so don't feel like studying Languages anymore… I mean, what's the point??? I'll never get to immigrate anywhere anyhow, so…

Reading – Feeling so sick of reading THE SAME BOOKS over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Same with movies and tv-shows.

Pretty depressed.

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