Parenting a Gender Non-Conforming Child | Michele Yulo | TEDxUtica

In places like israHELL (the jewish fascist reich), it is even worse: society (INCLUDING its "secular and tolerant"-ALEC segments) practically RAPES children (and EVERYBODY) to conform to the accepted norms and ideas, PREDOMINANTLY regarding all that gender-BULLSHIT: If a boy, or a man, wishes to wear pink, his family and "friends" are bound to scrutinize him, practically lynching/forcing him, brutally and sadistically, to abandon his wishes and "be just like everybody else, everybody NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!" As EVERY jewish mother, teacher etc. loves to sadistically put it. The gay people are accepted… as long as they DO conform, TO THE FULL, to ALL society's fascist norms of "be a MAN!!!!!!!!" Then, they are allowed, by the families and all other surrounding monsters, to love one another – but NEVER otherwise.

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