"A New Study Conducted in the UK Finds"…

"A new study conducted in the UK suggests studies made in the UK have absolutely nothing nulla to do with reality as we know it, nor with the actual Universe at large. Further study suggests one should not believe any word which comes from any UK study. Question arises, of course, as for the logic of this statement – but, since the Universe is wildly illogical, what with mad hatters being elected prime-ministers and presidents throughout this entire clownish of a globe, one cannot dwell too much over this paradox without needing way too much Coffee, which shall drive one mad as a trump = and thus render one a suitable candidate for presidency/premiership, too. So, last consequence, of ALL british studies ever made: drink lots of Coffee => become a president". 😉

#FromTheKingdomOfTheLOLLOLLOL 😀

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