The Blood-Thirsty Wall-Street Capitalists Are At It Again, This Time at Congo (formerly Zair)

"Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mukwege worried Congo vote could lead to war" –

The perpetrators of ALL crimes throughout Africa are the fascist white puppet-regimes of the u.s., the e.u., the u.k. and israhell = ALL of them, of course, are FULLY controlled by the multi-billionaire enemies of the people from wall-street.

Those are the monsters who brutally rape EACH AND EVERY weak country = be it Iraq, Congo, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Syria or Libya – in order to sell arms, rob the land and so enrich the FAAAAAAAAAAAAT fascist monsters of new-york, l.a., paris, berlin and tel-aviv even MORE.

And they created EACH AND EVERY ATTROCITY THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD in the past two decades, simply in order to accumulate MORE money and MORE power.

As ALL rich people, are blood-thirsty MONSTERS. And, of course, the evil axis = the u.s., the u.k., the e.u., canada, australia, turkey and israel – are, ESSENTIALLY, the WORST.

Should a new wave of atrocities engulf Congo, we shall ALL know, which monsters are to be blamed: the united states, the united kingdom, france and israel.

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