A Short Update, Saturday-Morning, 15th.December 2018

So, also my klil-plan failed.

Klil is a village up north, at the western galilee – not far from the border with Lebanon, some short distance from the Sea – which has some claims for its being "ecological". Its people are, like, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO "ecological" they would NEVER connect to the all-israeli electricity net! No, they are much too "ecological" to do that. So, instead, they warm their houses by… burning actual wood, from actual Trees (probably being murdered for that purpose.

Its people are, like, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO "ecological" they would NOT live where there is a normal public transportation; no, THAT would be too much "within the modern lives' matrix, away from the universal energies, of the maharishi mahash hare krishnaburti"; so, instead, they live where there are even less(!!) buses, on an average, than on Bačalky and whenever they desire to go ANYWHERE, they drive a car… usually, so it would seem, a 4×4 Nature-destroyer land-rover.

Getting the picture?

So – thank you very much, I'd rather stay AWAY!! As THE WORST CRIME I KNOW OF, IS HYPOCRISY.

Which IS extremely bad, since rehovoth most definitely is NOT a place for CIVILIZED human-beings to live at. The street I live on, Ya'avetz, is about to have practically ALL its Great Trees GRUESOMELY MURDERED by the rotten city-hall, and while, unlike at all previous such cases, some people at least CLAIM to care, I highly doubt it would help much – on wednesday-afternoon~evening some of us activists went to the rotten city-hall, to meet with the MONSTERS. And – I'm telling ya now, Pallies: after all the time I had been to politics (or simply having lived, hey?), I saw LOTS of pathological liars and learned to instinctively identify it, when someone lies to me (an ability not found in anybody else I've ever known), but – SUCH a phenomenon I had NOT encountered: AN ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE – led by one, the chief executive manager of that city-hall of theirs, one doron miberg (a creature just as rotten, as babiš!!) – WHO LIE, CONSTANTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY, WHEN-FUCKINGLY-EVER THEY OPEN THEIR NASTY, UGLY MOUTHS!!!!

I do not wish to dwell too much on THAT horrible experience, which cost me AT LEAST two~three years of Life (Health-wise). Suffice to say, I, for one, shall NEVER go to meet ANY of THOSE BLOODY MONSTERS ever again!!

So – we'll see… GODS I miss Home!!

Okay, and now – to some NICER stuff this week:

To begin with, I am feeling A LOT better and, what with the recent Rains, am planning the Season's FIRST photographing-tour of Rehovoth's Eastern Parts (HOPEFULLY already tomorrow). 🙂 Last Thursday-Morning, I had a GREAT Vegan Breakfast, at the CUTE AND LOVELY little Café nearby, "Pauza" – here is a pic:

ארוחת-בקר בפאוזה, יום חמישי, ה-13 בדצמבר 2018_NEW
ONLY 38 New Israeli Sheqels = about 230 Kronas

So, what else? Writing the next part, to be published soon I Hope, about my Czech experience (FINALLY reaching Praha!! 🙂 ), searching, TOTALLY in vain, for a job (currently pushing my facebook-pages – perhaps THAT would give me something…), rereading "The Man at the High Castle" (and started watching the series, too)… well, that's it more or less!!

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