"Breakfast Chat: How I Deal with Hate, Criticism, and Drama", an Old Vid by Caitlin and My Own Response to It

Well, these three are, most obviously, very very different things – I mean, if somebody openly hates me, then I pride myself, upon openly hating them back and we'd either part ways (I sure would never bother myself to watch their stuff and comment on it – what for?), or have a nice little (or big) war with each other, till differences shall thus be solved for good (yes, in my character I do have that fine Klingon element 🙂 )

Then, there is criticism. Which I'd rather divide further, into two VERY different realms: legitimate, versus illegitimate criticism.

Legitimate criticism – well, it sometimes may very well be rightful, I am not perfect (although I am a champion, at making myself miserable by always TRYING to be…), and SOMETIMES criticism may be right. I might, from time to time (though extremely rarely!! 😉 ) actually BE wrong, actually MAKE a mistake. Further, even if I am right, and the other person is wrong, this does not AUTOMATICALLY mean, that they merely intend to offend me – so they are wrong. It happens to them too. 🙂 Not NECESSARILY bad intention… I do sometimes criticize videos, this does not mean, I hate their makers; sometimes, even my most favourite youtubers (like you, for example) might create something I would, personally, think is mistaken, or wrong, in that way or another. This still does not negate the fact, that I truly enjoy your stuff (or else I wouldn't have watched it)!! If I happen to see something, even one by any of my most favourite youtubers created, which I totally hate, then that, most likely, be the last of their stuff I'd watch (and it happened, also with Vegan youtubers, who suddenly uploaded some pro-carnist propaganda or such-like). I will not bother myself, to watch more of their stuff afterwards, just like I would not eat something I know I do not like, just in order to say "hmm; not good. Hmm; not good. Hmm; not good". Whatever for?? 😀

Illegitimate criticism = like all those YAKHNES (old-soul lifeless aunties), which, for some TOTALLY UNFATHOMABLE reason, view it as their life-job to FORCIBLY renovate other people's appearance and Family-life ("why don't you wear a different shirt? You so need a hair-cut. When would you shave that beard? Why don't you bring more kids. How come you still don't wanna marry? You do need to further exercise", and all such-like). Well, with them, one should simply refer to them as COMPLETE moronic idiots, and the only viable responses, are either:

A – COMPLETELY ignore their rambling altogether, or

B – Go to war (see "hate"), as a Klingon!! 🙂

Now, as for Drama – well, being an Israeli by birth, I'm a Mediterranean. Drama is what we DO. 🙂

PS – I TRULY enjoy your stuff. 🙂

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