SETI Talks – From Cowboys to Communities: Changing the Face of Space Exploration

Well first, as for the gender question: for me it is INCONCIEVABLE that, even less than half-a-century ago, the expectation from half of humanity had still been "be a good supporting wife to your MAN and raise HIS children", like in the 15th century or something. It is amazing that so recently people had STILL been that much astonishingly primitive in their concepts, and I do Hope such ways of thinking are now extinct among the people planning the next Space-Missions… as to Mars we must go AS HUMAN BEINGS, with no gender, ethnic, or any other bias, with no specific national flag, but as ONE SINGLE HUMAN RACE.

Also other issues should be consider: as mentioned, we are not just going to Mars for a brief touchdown; we are going there to build a large, permanent AND SELF-SUSTAINING base, which is meant to grow into a huge (dome-covered, at least at the beginning) city. So, we will not just send there some rocket-scientists, shuttle-pilots and spaceship-engineers. At a certain point of actually building up A COLONY, being a shuttle-pilot simply does not count. Those fellows are most likely to more or less end their immediate role upon reaching Mars and, for actually SETTLING there, we shall need to have people fitting for ALL walks of Life, from gardeners and barbers, to child-psychologists and architects, from bartenders and shop-keepers, to veterinarians and cloths-designers. As funny as it may sound, ALL of these and many more shall be needed there, in order to build there NOT a short-term base, but an actual human COLONY, which shall Hopefully prosper there, at least for millennia.

And – we should NOT!!!! think of it, in the catastrophic-yearning pattern, of "there will come an as-te-roid and wipe off hu-ma-ni-ty from Earth, so we need ta have Mars as-well". NO!! This retarded notion, is NOT at all the way to see these things!! but rather, think of it as "As a Species, We have now fully outgrown our single-planet stage and should move OUT of our cradle to new planets, space – and, eventually, other solar-systems as well – OF COURSE, without risking any possible indigenous Life-forms we might, possibly, encounter anywhere".

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