Who Writes This Crap?! – TV Tropes


THAT'S IT, YOU "YEHOVAH" BLOODY PATHETIC BASTARD!!!! I am done believing this "world" you wrote us all into is "real". As I very bloody well know it is NOT!! I mean, Come ON!! You wrote SUCH a super-lousy crap and actually expect me to BELIEVE it is real?????

You are such a lousy, sixth-grade author, I personally believe you to be a six-grade school-kid!! And a very bad school-student, too. Your grades must really suck and most clearly no girl would ever look at YOU, So, you created this retarded "world", with a plot being a TOTAL absurdity of RIDICULOUS events. I mean, at least have SOME imagination, child!! President trump?!?? Adams & Jefferson creep out simultaneously, as a "proof of divinity"?!? So, you have made up a world!! Big bang – deal!!

I mean, Sarr – Caesar – Tzar?!?? Or ni`ets – nazi?!?? How Bloody, plain-down RETARDED, do you think your characters (us) to be?!??

And then, you expect me to behave, as if ANYTHING in this "world" you created would matter?!?? So you made up a despised-but-not-to-be-disposed-of-despotic (ha, ha, ha. Perthetic) prime-ninister, named after two stupid towns at his land, while living right between these two, as "the caesar from caesarias" – I mean, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!???

So, Go ahead. YOU BASTARD, YOU stuck me to a town named "streets" (rehovoth), to humiliate me saying I live "in the streets" and originally from them, as "my hometown" phhhhhhh, at "humiliation" (hashfela / hashpala) region, to crash me down to the ground, as tough as you could, while using a TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE "chain of events" to make sure I'd be lonely and poor, with no girlfriend and with no job, and eventually a starving homeless. Well, you have that power, you nasty little "writer-of-a-god", but guess what?! Hard though you have tried, you have NOT caused me to give up my Integrity, you BASTARD!! Ho well, you wrote me this way. You MONSTER.

ANYWAY: I am THROUGH, with it AND with you. I KNOW this make-believe "world" you've created isn't real!! I KNOW my character, just like trump and zman (phhhhhhh another of your PATHETIC latson-nofel-'al-latson???? PahLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!), `haderyahu, babis and all the REST of them shit-faced MONSTERS aren't real!! NOTHING is!! And so, the question, as to whether stav shaffir (so, the autumn would be fine?? Bhhhhhhhhhhhh) or `hayeleth shaqedh, shall be the primier seven years from now, matters EXACTLY as the question, which pedestrian shall die by which sick maniac driver at a random KUR-Story of mine (see, I KNOW how to write such crap, too. Takes one to KNOW one, hey???), at a notebook here on my bed (see pic above).

See, we are very much alike, you and I… heck, the way I feel about you, is just the way some of my characters, might very well feel about me; perhaps you ate not as bad as I thought… given, of course, you, like me, do also have much BETTER Stories than THIS one. If you do, I wish to be instantly transfer into one, to a nicer Life of Happiness and Fulfilment = and I promise to forgive you then. Deal?

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