I Have PERMANENTLY DELETED My Account at google. My youtube and gmail Do No Longer Exist

It is, I believe, well known that I have never truly wanted to have anything to do with those fascist monsters at "google" to begin with. The way they deleted my original account back on May 2013 was reason enough, as it let me see PRECISELY how dangerous they truly are (read). I am EXTREMELY horrified to think, that those monsters now have the actual means to slaughter millions (using the automatic cars they have developed, which are allowing them to execute EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, by mere decision of their board of fascist directives).

When, upon buying my new "smart-phone" last May, I had learned that I "needed" such an account in order to access several features (such as downloading their apps), I did, reluctantly, agree to that. Since then, I had been temped to use their highly questionable services – but NOT anymore.

There comes a time, when each of us must look at the mirror and ask, whether or not he or she is willing to partake in a great evil.

The gang of "google" is the WORST evil to currently exist on Earth (well, isis, zeman, netanyahu or the taliban, may be somewhat more vile by nature; but their COMBINED power, would STILL be close to nothing, compared to that of "google", in our World today).

I do hereby call upon you, to LEAVE "google" (and ALL its services!!) FOR GOOD.

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