A Nice Little Update, Saturday Evening, 19th of January 2019

Hi Pallies, here are some news.

I have recently discovered a Great website!! Nun mi lernas Esperanton. 🙂 It is ridiculously easy. You should try this, too.

Tomorrow I will officially begin my gym-membership, to be used every weekday. 🙂

My January Auction, TRANSLATIONUARY, has not brought me anything thus far, Hope this situation will change; as, all in all, for the very first time since black monday (when I had learned I would have to leave the czech republic and go back here), seven-and-a-half-months ago, I am now feeling wide-awake and energetic. I KNOW it is Thanks to the gym. 🙂

Also, I have finally came to terms with the sad fact, I would probably never get to reside in the czech republic… sad, but what can one do? I am happy, of course, about the good times I had had there last Spring = teaching Hebrew at the library, walking in the Sacred Forests near Bačalky… and I do truly Hope to get to visit all these places many more times in the future – AFTER you, my Friends from there, will get RID of zeman and babis.

What else? Well, have been reading some stuff lately, about the period leading towards the american civil-war. Especially intriguing to learn how, back on 1857, the head of the u.s.' supreme court (in the North!! Not the south!!) had determined, that "black people should not have any human-rights, since they are not human-beings"… seeing how MUCH we have evolved, at SUCH brief-a-time (what are 162 years? Nothing!!), makes me A LOT MORE Optimistic, regarding the Vegan Future of the Entire Humanity.

Have also been watching "Finding Your Roots" (a lot of which tends to revolve around the times of slavery) and "Victoria" (an EXCELLENT Series!!), both of which I do highly recommend.

When I'll have some money, I AM going to check my Family-roots using DNA, too. There are some mysteries I've got to check. 🙂

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