Watch "Why I'm No Longer Vegan response" on YouTube

The ONLY vid I watched on this subject, which is right on to the point!!

As ANYONE going back to eating murdered Animal (Cow, Dog, Chicken, Tuna, Shrimp, Lamb or Pig = does not matter which!!!!!!)'s flesh has never been a Vegan to begin with!! But rather, they are carnist monsters.

And there can never be any question there, and there can never be any "discussion" on the subject, let alone "understanding" to the now-exposed carnistic monsters. Just like I would never go and rape some girl, just because having nobody in bed with me is hard and cold and lonely (which it is!!). Just like I would never go and roast a human-child to eat its flesh, even if someone were to scientifically prove to me that eating human-child's flesh would, say, cure my current health-problems (which, if you follow this blog, you know well what they are). It simply does not play any role, since, regardless of any lame "health" excuses, I would NEVER even consider doing all those things, period!! It is PRECISELY the same thing!! And don't you dare even THINK it's any different, by ANY means, if you would like to go on having ANY sort of contact with me whatsoever.

So: that bonny rebecca person (the one currently causing all this youtube mayhem, to whom the above vid is an excellent response), is NOT a Vegan, but a carnist MONSTER = and SAME GOES FOR EVERY PERSON SHOWING ANY SORT OF "UNDERSTANDING" TOWARDS HER.

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