Boycott? Or Trade and Visit?

Some cases are absolutely clear: one must NEVER do ANY business, with (let alone visit!!) countries like burma ("myanmar") or sri-lanka, as genocide is NOT relativistic, but an absolute.

But how far would, or rather should, one take it? I mean, take the case of central-european racist nations for example. Or israel. Should one visit those racist countries? Finance their systems, financially show support to their anti-semitism, apartheid and so on? Or boycott them (BDS!!) completely?

For a few years, it had been very obvious for me. After the refugee-crisis (or, should we call things by their true name: the european neo-nazism crisis…) of 2015, I had declared, that no country blocking Refugees shall be visited by me. I am (by origin, anyhow) Jewish, I am half-(Iraqi-)Kurdish, I am these Refugees!! I have cursed entire europe, then exempted and praised Countries such as Germany and Iceland, who have expressed and shown support for Refugees and accepted them nicely. I have also differentiate between Scotland and the other parts of britain, and between Leftist Napoli and the rest of italy.


And here lies the reason for my uncertainty. On June 2017 I had completely withdrawn from this stance, canceled ALL ideological boycotts and, within less than three months, flew to Prague with Hungarian "Wizz-Air".

I cannot possibly say I regret it!! Nor do I regret trying to live there. Without Bačalky and my Hebrew Language Course at Mladá Boleslav, my Culture would have been infinitely poorer, with probably NOTHING positive going for me in my life, ever since the fall of 2016!!

Furthermore: let's assume we boycott racist countries. How about countries such as norway or japan, who mass-slaughter innocent Whales for fun?? That's even worse!! Plus: who isn't racist nowadays??? The vast majority of the european union is down right revolting, anti-semitism (against either Muslims, jews, or, most commonly, both) is flourishing like it did during the crusades, and – should I go back to boycotting every nasty country, I would have to stop buying any stuff and listening to any Music, almost (probably except Esperanto) – cannot touch ANYTHING from most countries, including my own. One just cannot live like that.

And I miss the Czech Republic, awfully. Besides, practically all my Friends are there.

On the other hand, to actually visit a country, which führer keeps screaming he does not want me there?! To put what little money I have, into the czech economy?? Why??!?

Or (Vegan very friendly, yet disgustingly-antisemitic) poland. Let alone italy (and "easy-jet"'s direct flights, from israel to Napoli, shall end very soon – so, if I'd choose to visit Napoli, which I have long desired to do and where I have Friends, too, I would have to go, via neo-nazi rome!!).


What do YOU think?

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