Czech truck driver gets 2 years in prison for illegal migrants in his truck | Prague Monitor

See, those nazis = as the ENTIRE european union can now safely be defined as The NAZI Union – now view us, Iraqi-Kurdish people (just to remind ALL readers of my Blog: Half my Ancestors, were Jews who came from the Iraqi part of Kurdistan!! Thus, writing against Them, is writing against Me), view us as some sort of a contamination, something not to be tolerated within the sacred border of Das Europeisches Reichs ("Europa, Europa Uber Alles"?), something anyone daring smuggling into it should be locked up for two whole years behind bars!!

This goes just perfectly with that REVOLTING 90/180 MONSTROSITY, which states that any non-arian (oops, non e.u.-citizen; sorry phhhhhhhh) person daring to contaminate their Sacred Reich by his presence for more than 90 days should either pay 700 euros(!!) on the spot, or be banished from the said Reich for at least five years.

And this comes along with all the news about the neo-nazi republics of central europe spending BILLIONS OF EUROS over means of mass-slaughter (produced by americans, germans and swedes… that is how the germ[an]s are "fine, Humanistic Leftists". That is how the swedes [the second most antisemitic nation on Earth after the polaks, by the way…] "love Peace"). To their retarded voters they sell legends, about how "we are still poor little countries, we do not have money for better housing/healthcare/roads"… but for means of mass-murder = to be used, under the n.a.t.o. umbrella of their vile american masters, to exterminate ENTIRE decent Muslim populations throughout the entire Middle-East and beyond!! = they do have money, of course… and, of course: to use those weapons to slaughter good, poor and HELPLESS Refugees, for the mere crime of having been born with a darker skin, or a slightly different religious faith.

So, I, for one, have come to a very sad conclusion:

UNTIL EUROPE IS DRASTICALLY CHANGED, I SHALL NOT SET FOOT WITHIN ANY COUNTRY BELONGING TO THE REICH OF THE E.U. / EFTA / SCHENGEN. And, to all my Friends within the czech republic, italy etc.: Sorry, you shall have to clean your fellow country-folk from their disgusting racism first. Since, in order to walk among bloody neo-nazis seeking my destruction, truly, I can stay right here at israel. I need not bother, with hotel-orders and flying-tickets…

There are FAR nicer, more DECENT places to go to, really, than the european union = or, should we rather use its proper name now: the fourth reich.

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