A Short Update, Thursday the 7th of February 2019

A little weak today (the usual problem), so didn't go to the gym… but almost all days this week I did, and yesterday made 6.1 KM on the "bike" (like crossing the entire town of Rehovoth) within 15 minutes, after which I lifted 7(!!) KG weights on each hand. 🙂 So, slowly, as should, I am about to reach my personal goal, which is to restore my 20-years-ago's physical strength by Passover. 🙂 All in a good time, slowly and calmly, as should.

Got stuck a little bit with the Esperanto, since the website I was studying with chose to have INCREDIBLY depressing texts for some chapters – so much that I could not possibly memorize them; it had gotten me even more depressed than I had been yesterday, after that horrible nightmare I had, between tuesday and wednesday… by the Gods, I AM so SICK of being alone!! Have even rejoined "tinder". 😦 Most girls there, make one wish to run to the sealed room and put on the gas-mask AT ONCE, quite many of them, are obvious nut-cases… but, among the quite-a-few who DO look okay, perhaps I would be able to find the One… As it KILLS me being alone every night, not sure for how long, would I be able to survive. And, of course, she would HAVE to be Vegan; and with, at least, SOME brain of her own…

As I am too addicted to the politics-nonsense, I do, at least, try to adopt a somewhat-more positive way to look at things. As I already know, for sure, that these coming elections ARE lost. There simply isn't any viable alternative, at the moment, to those nationalistic-religious madmen, of the "likudh" and co. – at most, one psychopath, shall replace the other, but, for all events and purposes, this is totally meaningless. I cannot expect ANY positive change here this year, this one is for absolute certainty.

If only I would have had ONE horizon, ONE thing to Hope for, to live for… but, at the moment however, I don't.

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