V4 summit canceled in Jerusalem after Poland quits over Holocaust crisis | The Jerusalem post


It is most revolting and distasteful, that those neo-nazi monsters of the v4 gangsters be meeting at jerusalem, of all places. I would imagine they would also be visiting "yad vashem", in order to celebrate their mentors' success in slaughtering millions of Jews and, most likely, get themselves inspired for the dark future?

At least, Yisra`el Kats, gratefully, stopped some part of that horrible fiasco, blocking at least one, of those four leading antisemites. Which shows that he, at least, does still remember his Jewish roots, at least to some extent. Pity, however, he did not bother to block the other three, as well.

This event proves to us ALL, that NO REAL JEW, WOULD EVEN CONSIDER SUPPORTING NETANYAHU FOR ANOTHER TERM, NO MATTER WHAT = which highlights the most obvious fact, that most religious people in Israel, are not Jews at all and, most likely, have never been Jews to begin with, but rather, antisemite agents, sent here to destroy us – or, simply, TRAITORS TO JUDAISM, who have no place among us. And the same goes, of course, for ALL netanyahu's supporters, no matter their lame excuses.

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