My Response to Sarah's Vegan Kitchen's "angry vegans, "cheating" on your diet, wearing leather + more ( coffee chat w/ svk )"

I was originally vegetarian (of a vegetarian family). Then, by 2002, I shamefully betrayed it and for nearly a decade, had been a bloody carnist, until went back to being vegetarian at 2012 and fully Vegan, by 2015. I am VERY Judgmental by nature, but I never ask of anyone, more than I ask of myself; I completely despise the person I had been during the first decade of this century, and if I could go back in time, I would hit him (past me) REAL brutally. While I had not cared about Animals, I did buy some stuff from wool, and even leather. But from ALL my leather-stuff, I got rid within six months after going back to vegetarianism – and, within a year after going fully Vegan, I got rid of ALL the stuff made from wool, including some things I truly liked a lot. I understand, in case of something from someone close who passed away, there IS an exception, essentially and this is obvious!! But, otherwise, it is impossible to keep on holding to such stuff… Now, as for that "food-waste" excuse – in my opinion, it is a TRULY lame one; I mean, there ARE so many Cats and dogs and rats and lots of other house/back-yard Animals, who would LOVE to receive this stuff!! So, NO LEGITIMACY WHATSOEVER, to give it to ANY human… as ALL HUMANS MUST BE VEGAN, PERIOD!! It is THIS simple. This is also what I always say, when "vegans" try the excuse of "the restaurant-kitchen didn't understand and gave me dairy, so I ate it"… just give it to the first hungry Cat you'll meet, instead; they will appreciate it!! And – OF COURSE it takes time. I was trying to go Vegan from 2011, at least, but I cannot POSSIBLY say that I was Vegan since 2011… 🙂 ONLY when I FINALLY succeeded in becoming TOTALLY Vegan, that is when the counting starts. 🙂 And, as for palm-oil – well, it IS Vegan; the problems with it, are Environmental (maintaining the Forests) and Social (anti workers-abuse – no matter which ape these workers might be, whether they'd be humans or any other type of apes) = both HUGELY Important issues, no doubt there, but not Vegan per se.

It is good and better, however, to cause people to purchase Vegan substitutes, EVEN IF THEY CONTAIN PALM-OIL, than having them go on buying the cruelty stuff. And – well, one cannot be 100% Righteous, nor should we try to be that. It is not human.
I buy stuff in plastic (although I am doing my Best to reduce the plastic bags), I use paper, toilet paper… I do keep my home chilled during summer and warm during winter, by electricity-consuming air-conditioner, I am NOT one of those dirt-craving people, who live in some cave in a jungle somewhere. I also use a computer (connected to the electricity net), which was manifactured somewhere in China or Indonesia or something, in very bad conditions…
I am doing my VERY Best. I do not own a car and do not, even, ride a bicycle – but either walk, or take a public transport (or, only on very rare occasions, a taxi). I am 100% Vegan, and ONLY buy soaps, shampoo etc., which were NOT tested on Animals (and I DO walk a lot sometimes, if necessary, to get to a store where I could get them, as I NEVER buy the tested ones). Whenever I walk in the street after/during Rain, I ALWAYS walk very slow and keep my eyes on the ground, to locate ALL Snails on time and pick them gently, to move them from the sidewalk to safety and do my BEST to try and raise proper awareness to them, by any means I can (including my youtube channel). I campaign against any hurting of Trees at my hometown (where the city-hall doesn't care at all). I am trying to convince my favourite Cafes, as well as to properly veganize more and more and more of their stuff, to ALSO bid goodbye to (totally needless) straws. But there IS a limit… So, I believe that we all should ALWAYS try and do our best and, of course, try to improve ourselves and, gradually, advance morally. Probably, in a few years, I will not be consuming palm-oil stuff anymore. But I do not yet know, when that day will come.

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