Talking about social anxiety

First, ALWAYS remember: You are Great and Adorable!!!! I LOVE watching your stuff.

I somewhat feel the same way – except that I KNOW, for a fact, that practically EVERYONE (with a STRONG emphasis upon all people related to me by blood) hates me. But, unlike in the remote past, I know my value – and there is a simple way to achieve this:

Our finger-prints are unique, no two people have the same. The fascists have been using it to their own sick ends, but Truth is, their uniqueness is there solely in order to remind us of our Sacred Uniqueness!! As it is there to ALWAYS remind us, that we are unique – and that each person's Individuality is Sacred.

So, whenever I feel the doubts, I look at my index-finger = at its unique lines, at this ONE UNIQUE FINGER, which had never been before and shall never be again – and think of the things I am MOST proud of!! And kissing it, I'm Loving Myself.

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