All About "Raw Alignment" (Or, Rather, Raw Malignant) alyse

(Written as a response to this excellent response-video by Freelee, which I could not share, since it contained way too many sights of hard and shocking nature)

Obviously, that Raw Corruption fuck-hole is a pathological liar – and, as I have recently found out yet again, there is no talk with those… they'll just keep lie and lie on and on, till they'll find out they have been lying so much they are now hopelessly locked in the web of hopelessly contradicting lies ("So, from late December?" "Yes :-)" "But here it says before October; So, from early September?" "Yes, for about five months"…), they shall simply disconnect completely and will not answer anything at all. She probably gets to this "evaporation point" (when a person suddenly "evaporates from existence" and stops responding to any questions whatsoever) right now… had just experience something like that, with someone who CLAIMED to be a close Friend, so I identify the signs and mechanism.

NOW: if she's been MANIPULATING PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY GET INTO DEBTS, IN ORDER TO FINANCE THEIR (NEEDLESS) PURCHASES FROM HER, SHE HAS OPENLY BEEN ACTING JUST LIKE A CULT-FÜHRER / A BILLIONAIRE DRUG-DEALER / OR (WORST!!) A STINKING BLOODY BANKER. So, also APART of having abandoning Veganism + lying at the process, THIS SMILING GIRLY GIRL SHOULD BE SPENDING QUITE SOME TIME BEHIND BARS, at the women-prison of her Judge's choice. Let's see, how smiley would she be after 5 or 6 years of servicing the toughest girls from da hood. Really, I don't really know the american laws about it (I am not an american, THANK GOODNESS!!!!), but I think people will do good to phone the FBI (or the c.i.a. or some p.d. or such like) about that bloody little scamming bitch.

And, she sure has figured out the best way for better economical life for herself… scam anybody else!! Just like "herbalDEATH" meeting the grand Negus on Ferenginar.

And, preaching against unnecessary purchases… as Mike from "All in the Family" said about her, was it before, or after the senate discovered about Nixon's other house?" (oops, mixed the little bitch with another scammer… her past life, possibly? 😉 They're just SOOOOOOOOOO reminding of one another, just like netanyahu and ceaușescu.)

She fried FOUR EGGS IN BUTTER and ate it all?!??

Well, then, even if the FBI and the federal judges would fail to do their essential job (meaning: properly lock her up behind bars, with tough girls from da hood, till the middle of the next decade AT LEAST), if THAT is what she normally eats in a day, then BOTH several types of cancer AND an imminent heart-condition, awaiting her JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Wish there would have been a global Earth law, to FORBID any medical treatment to carnists.

And, as for her serial-killer-of-a-boyfriend… R E V O L T I N G .

So, already back in September, she was USING THE MONEY SHE HAS BEEN BRUTALLY EXTRACTING FROM REAL VEGANS, IN ORDER TO FINANCE A MASS-MURDERING TRIP, for her blood-thirsty monster-of-a-boyfriend and herself?!??

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