AOC vs. Biden: It's On.

EXACTLY!! Creatures, such as that biden-THING, must not even be allowed to vote, let alone be elected!! From my own point of view, as a Radical Leftist Israeli, ALL that nobama-gang (with hitlery clinton and that ancient biden-monster) are even WORSE than that psychopath, trump. They are a bunch of blood-thirsty and fascist war-mongers, who shall forEVER do wall-street's bid (and, interesting to note the fact, that the man clinton, turned out to be a leading gas-lobbyist… ALMOST as revolting as his wife. Almost). Their appropriate place, without any possible doubt, is at THE DARKEST DUNGEON IMAGINABLE – while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, MUST be the leading presidential candidates, for the 2020 (or, if they are considered to be "too young", by some alzheimer ancients, such as biden and his pals: 2024) = this in order to save not just your u.s., but THE ENTIRE WORLD.

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